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ATI Fire Products

Fire Products for America’s Best Firefighters

Armored Textiles Incorporated, known as ATI Fire Products, is the only manufacturer of both fire nozzles and fire hose in the United States.

For over 50 years, ATI Fire Products has been supplying fire hose, fire nozzles and fire accessories to firefighters across the world. We offer equipment for a variety of firefighting needs that are broken down into three divisions: Municipal, Industrial, and Forestry. At ATI it’s our mission to provide firefighters everywhere with the highest quality fire hose, nozzles and support equipment in a timely fashion.

ATI Fire Products welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices. Over the years, ATI fire hose, fire nozzles and fire accessories have gained a reputation of being second to none in safety and reliability. That’s why at ATI, all of our fire hose and fittings conform to NFPA standards and carry a ten-year warranty. With a variety of fire hose and nozzles, along with accessories such as fire backpacks, our extensive product line allows us to provide the best fire solutions for every situation.